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The Importance of Assessment Questions

The Importance of Assessment Questions

Many job seekers don’t grasp the importance of the questionnaire because this can make a difference in being “Best Qualified” and “Not Among the Most Qualified.” Deflated responses can spell disaster for a federal application. First time federal job seekers and many other job seekers are often unfamiliar with the requirement and can underrate themselves and answer the questions in an ad hoc quick fashion.


Assessment Questions are similar to Pre-Interview Questions and KSAs.

Assessment questions are used to determine how experienced you are. They are the first cut threshold to pass. They are pivotal in either moving or not moving your application forward. They are like KSA questions and in some instances the same as KSAs. The answers to these questions must be supported in your resume. The HR specialists has authority to throw you out of consideration if your answers are not supported in your resume.

What Can Assessment Questions Include?

Assessment questions are used to determine job eligibility. They are integral in determining your qualifications. Job-specific and self-assessment questions are found in an increasing number of government agency applications. Many corporations also use this method of a questionnaire to filter out candidates from the thousands of resumes they receive as an automated barrier. Self-assessment questions can include Yes/No answers, True/False, and Check All that Apply. They can also ask you to rate your skill level on a numbered scale. You should give yourself the most credit and rate yourself at or near the highest level to help secure the earning of “Best Qualified.” If the skill level is not there near the top level than you may want to reconsider whether you want to apply for the job because HR specialists are seeking top candidates only.

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