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Job search tips, interviewing and career advice to help you succeed

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Career Advice

3 Ways to Revitalize Your Job Hunt

 Spicing up a Resume Resume, resume, resume…. a word you will have to pay homage to for a good four
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Resume Tips

Resume Tips to Challenge the Mundane Resume

With unemployment at an all-time high Human Resource Managers are flooded with hundreds of applications in response to a single
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Interview Tips

5 Things to Take Away from a Bad Job Interview

You walk out of the meeting room and you have that sunk feeling that most of us experience at one
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Career Advice

Personal Branding is Real, Not a Social-Media Experiment

Personal branding is about packaging various aspects of one’s character and qualifications in a manner that sells the individual and
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Career Advice

Job Hunting: Focus OR ELSE

The job market is flatter than a pancake in some sectors and there is no time to be wasted while
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Resume Tips

Resume Writing: Life & Career in 7 Tidbits

I’ve spoken to headhunters, recruiters, executives, and human resource directors enough to know that they are inundated with hundreds of
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