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Advice for a Strong Resume

Resume writing is possibly the biggest stumbling block for people who are looking for a job. While it may seem simple, there are a lot of subtle things that really matter. Potential employers are flooded with resumes in response to their job postings, and you only have a few short moments to make it or your resume will end up in the no consideration file. So, how do you optimize your resume to make it likely to get read? Here are a few great tips to get you started.

Your resume and cover letter should not be something that you write begrudgingly. You are excited about the job you are applying for, correct? Well, then show it! Your excitement will come across in your resume and cover letter and will impress perspective employers. Whenever it makes sense to, use action words to describe your career history and goals.

It is a mistake to think of your resume as a history of your past, as a personal statement or as some sort of self expression. Sure, most of the content of any resume is focused on your job history. But write from the intention to create interest, to persuade the employer to call you. If you write with that goal, your final product will be very different than if you write to inform or catalog your job history.

Some people write a resume because everyone knows that you have to have one to get a job. They write their resume to fulfill this obligation. If you realize that a great resume can be your ticket to getting exactly the job you want, you may be able to muster some genuine enthusiasm for creating a real masterpiece.

The good news is that, with extra effort and acquired skills, you can create a resume that makes you really stand out as a superior candidate for a job you are seeking. Not one resume in a hundred follows the principles that stir the interest of prospective employers. So, even if you face fierce competition, with a well written resume you should be invited to interview more often than many people more qualified than you.

Resume Tips:

Your resume is about your future; NOT your past.

It is not a confessional. In other words, you don’t have to tell all. Stick to what’s relevant, marketable, and avoid information overload.

Be honest. You can be creative, but don’t lie.

Don’t write a list of job descriptions. Write achievements!

Promote the skills you enjoy using and the ones that are relevant to the job you are applying for.

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