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5 Job Hunting Tips to Get Your Dream Job

Successful job hunting is one that positions you as a good fit for prospective employers. You want to be well prepared to take advantage of job opportunities as they come, ace your interviews and get the offer. Many techniques can help you achieve all of these in good time. The following 5 tips will help you land your next dream job:

1. Define your career scope.
To start with, you need to decide on a career path, especially if you’re just getting started or switching careers. Research and ask questions from a career counselor, family members, and professionals in different fields to help you decide. You can then outline a realistic career goal, the background qualifications you have, and the steps you need to take to achieve it. You will afterward have a clear-cut path on the specific job openings to look out for.

2. Research organizations.
Many job listings will come your way. Make it a priority to research the organizations as they come. This will give you an insight into the nature of the companies, their core values, cultures, products, work environment, and reward culture. You can also read reviews to give you a balanced overview. The outcome of your research will help you decide if it’s an organization you will fit into or if you should move on to others. The information obtained will also help to shape the outline of your cover letter if you decide to apply.

3. Get a professional cover letter and resume.
Now is not the time to do it all by yourself. There are resources out there to help you but you are a lot better off going to a professional like other things in life. The right professional resume writer will save you a great deal of time and heartache. Make sure your resume and cover letter are up to date. Do well to update your profile on professional networking sites such as LinkedIn. You can also have a different set of eyes- friends, family, colleagues, and other experts to proofread your application before you submit it. Have a list of two to three references and their contact information ready to provide employers.

4. Customize your resume.
There is no one size fits all when it comes to applying for jobs. Your cover letter and resume should be tailored to fit each opening you apply for. This is where the outcome of your research into the organization will be useful. Use the job description to guide the flow of your cover letter, making sure that your resume reflects the expected skills, experience, and measurable abilities for the position being advertised.

5. Create a search schedule.
You need to have a fixed time of the day or week to be solely dedicated to job hunting so you can be effective at it. There are online resources that can help you create job search schedules, as well as a spreadsheet to track your applications. You may want to create a new email account solely for this purpose so that all job-related emails are distinct from regular mails especially if you email name is not professional such as playgoofyjerk@gmail, striptease@yahoo or gunblaze@hotmail. Leverage on all job-hunting options and do not limit yourself to online searches alone. Attend job fairs, contact recruitment agencies, register for job alerts, make cold calls and reach out to companies directly.

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