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3 Ways to Revitalize Your Job Hunt

 Spicing up a Resume

Resume, resume, resume…. a word you will have to pay homage to for a good four decades, so gain control early in your career with a slam-dunk resume. Three keys to effective job searching are an exceptional resume, effective job searching, and networking. Begin your resume with action verbs for maximum leverage and each job you list should draw the eye and convey quantitative or creative achievements. Your audience should form an immediate impression of you as an action and results oriented individual. Capture the eye with a well-designed resume with good visual appeal although don’t make it fancy.

Job Search Tips

Next is job searching and the way to do this is with persistence and setting aside time each day to apply for a job. Begin by targeting the companies you want to work for. The job search should be likened to training as an athlete on the strategy and game for victory. First, it’s a “Number’s Game.” One effective strategy here is to saturate your industry with applications, resumes, networking, and community service to obtain ‘X’ amount of hits. For ‘X’ hits or contact (whether it is an application, a sent resume, a phone call or meeting), you can expect an X% return. Your geographic location and market conditions will determine the percentage return and what is reasonable. The scoreboard clock is ticking……..! Second, you must constantly strive for excellence in all arenas and for self-improvement and make sure to update your technological skills, certifications, or licenses.  Remember, YOU execute the plays and you cannot take failure personally. You are continually conditioning your body, mind, and soul for the greatest feat….your interview and the job offer! Can you hear the crowds cheering?!

Networking – Go Through the Back Door 

The third key is networking.  Sometimes what is often overlooked is networking because we are so busy with daily activities. In our job search, we have to just bite the bullet and accept the fact that networking may pay off!  If you are involved with your church, community, political or recreational activities the number one focus should be…….”Make Yourself Useful” and get in a company through the backdoor of the person you are helping.  So find an activity that you immensely enjoy and make a commitment to that organization and its leader. Over time, as you prove your value, simultaneously you will be building relationships and visibility with the leaders and colleagues. There comes a point in all of our dealings when it is accepted and O.K. to show our vulnerability perhaps in the job market and ask for help. Since your name has appeared as someone that can be counted on you can be sure that the leader whom you have chosen to ask for their feedback will be very willing and receptive, and if they work at an organization that is a good fit for you than your name will come highly recommended before the job opening is even announced.

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