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The Essential Trail Needed to Land a Job

According to research potential is the number one factor employers look at in hiring followed by experience, personality, and education. How can potential be quantifiable? One person’s views may be totally different from another person but there are ways to demonstrate high potential to an employer on the resume and in an interview. These qualities are problem solving skills, a willingness to learn, and accomplishments, not just listing duties on a resume.

Creatively solving problems.
Problems come to an employer just like they come at you in life. They want employees to creatively solve problems, bring solutions and not problems, and face challenges head on and not run from them or be neutral. Creative solutions to a myriad of problems. Do you volunteer or try to work on extra activities at the job? Whatever the position whether it is customer service, engineering, administration, or nursing all fields want you to deal with the challenges you will face on the job head on.

Learning and growing: show your desire.
Employers want to find employees that adapt to new changes and challenges. With changing technology, career changes, and new circumstances that develop in the workplace employers want to find someone who seeks to learn, add new experience, seeks feedback to increase their skills, and be lifelong learners. What value can you add to the organization? Even though many people don’t like their job, view it as a paycheck to survive and hope to obtain some sort of enjoyment out of the job while dealing with a host of internal job factors, and get caught up in the daily routines of the job without trying to increase the value they bring to the job it is important to try to be in the top 10% in the position you’re in at the job. Don’t let time go to waste because you are there for most of your waking hours each work day. If you don’t feel that than it is possible that you are working below your standards or you have outgrown your job.

Soft skills
Are you showing in your resume that you are able to get along with coworkers, work on a team, work independently, or bring value to an employer? Effectively build soft skills into the resume as well as technical skills.

Build the resume to show potential
Offer proof in the resume. Anyone can say they are great problem solvers and like learning in an interview. Anyone can say they are a people person and a team player. Where is the proof? What specifically did you do at the job? Brainstorm for ideas to show how you creatively solved a problem or met a goal for the company. Did you think outside of the box?

Ensure that your resume leads with results. Seek professional resume help to ensure your resume is not good but great and if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile that you are satisfied with consider utilizing a LinkedIn profile writing service to develop your personal brand. Use bullet points on the resume to highlight the successes. Use quantifiable results but if you don’t have numbers than you have to use general results. Practice storytelling. Employers will ask behavioral interview questions to determine how you behaved in a situation. Use a challenge, action, and result method to demonstrate your abilities. Show your potential on the resume and in the interview to help you stand out from the competition.

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