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Factors to Consider Before You Accept a New Job

There are some vital factors you need to consider before you accept any new job.

Do you know why?

For starters, it may interest you to know that many newly employed personnel do not stay up to three months in their new jobs. Now, why would someone get a new job only to quit almost immediately?
• It could be because they encountered a sour experience at the workplace, especially if the situation was not properly managed.
• Some quit because the job was not as satisfactory as they thought it would be. The job fell below their expectations.
• They could have a change of mind based on personal reasons.
• Or they might quit the job because they are not in tune with the company’s mode of operation.
• Some leave because they found better opportunities elsewhere.

You do not need to put yourself through the stress of quitting your job prematurely. There are certain basic things you can do to prevent your leaving the job right after you begin. You need to learn about your prospective employer, their company culture, your roles in the organization, your colleagues and of course, ask yourself if the job is what you really want.

How can you get this information? Apart from the information you can get from the internet, the interview is the perfect avenue for you to get your questions answered because the interview is a two-way process. It means that you need to prepare the relevant questions to ask prior to the interview.
Find out if you want to be associated with that organization.
The culture and mode of operation of a company goes a long way to affect its workers. Do you see yourself working comfortably in that organization? Consequently, you need to evaluate the company’s culture based on the following criteria:

How the company takes care of its workers?
During the interview, you can get a feel of how the company treats its workers. For instance, was your recruitment process rigorous or smooth? Does the company do more of sacking than retirement or vice versa? What are their human resource policies, how do they treat the existing and prospective employees while you are at the interview?

Other necessary questions you can ask during the interview process include the following:
– Does the organization have workplace traditions? If yes, what are they?
– What is the stand of the organization on workplace-life balance as regards remote working, leave, etc.?
– Does staff performance influence pay?
– Are there rewards and recognition? If yes, what are they and how competitive are they?
– Does the company value performance review and what is the process like?
– What is the promotion process?
– What about celebrations, lunches and dress code?
– What are the working hours?
– Does the company have any wellness program?


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