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5 Resume Tips to Come Alive in Crunch Time

resume_writing_tipsThe job market fluctuates and so does industries when they go through historical changes. One technology replaces another and this creates a shift in the way things normally operate. A once thriving business could be in peril and the way business practices normally operate could shift on a dime.

There is also competition in the marketplace. Five years from now many of the products and services we see today will be replaced by new products and services. This means that there is real opportunity in starting new business ventures and there is real opportunity in getting a job now but it is best to stay at least one step ahead of the curve in updating your skills due to the changing nature of things today. These industry and technological changes has meant new jobs and also lost jobs. Many people have been laid off and now it’s crunch time. Bills are stacking up and unemployment continues to loom. These 5 resume tips will help your resume come alive in crunch time.

Back Up Your Qualifications and Strengths
Give clear examples of what you have achieved at a job. Make sure to list your qualities and not make your resume a list of duties that appear on a job description. Employers scan resumes and it takes them less than 15 seconds to make a judgment call.

Be Clear About What You Want
On your resume try to target specific areas of employment. Create resumes targeted for specific fields. You can also have a general resume to leave yourself open to different areas but make sure it incorporates keywords and skills of select targeted areas.

Visual Appeal
A resume should have visual appeal as well. This is often overlooked by many people. A resume is an advertisement that tries to trigger a person to say this is the person I want to select for an interview which will last perhaps an hour and sometimes longer. The resume has to speak loud and clear but avoid using a fancy design and graphics. Strategically position your information on your resume for maximum impact.

Make sure to include the right keywords for the jobs you are targeting. Managers sometimes use software to bring up the resumes through a keyword search. It is important that these words are included on your resume.

Follow Up
Follow up a week later after sending your resume. Sometimes that one telephone call will distinguish you from other candidates. If you can speak to the hiring manager or even human resources that may spark their interest to make sure they review your resume out of the hundreds if not thousands of resumes they receive. It’s an old expression but the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

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