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What Is Holding You Back? Is your Resume Average, Good, or Great?

A great resume gets you interviews and can save you years of not working at the bottom and putting you up the ladder. Use a professional resume writer, not an average one but the best even if it doesn’t fit your budget. It pays for itself. You will notice the results right away and your confidence will increase. Also develop a cover letter because statistics show a cover letter gets more job interviews. Job searching can be a tiring process and you can get burnt out so you want to have a resume that knocks doors down, removes uncertainty, and makes you feel confident.

Job Searching is An Art and a Science
It can be confusing on knowing where to start. There is the plethora of job sites and companies. It can be a daunting experience whether it is your first time or tenth time searching for a new job. Approach the job search systematically, plan, and prepare and then launch effectively each day searching for the job of your choice.

Are you Resigning? Laid off? Fired?
Make sure you have another job before you resign. Generally, you are more attractive to an employer when you are employed versus unemployed. Being laid off is something that can blindside you. Some employers prepare you for it ahead of time while others when you show up at the job to work the doors are locked and yes that really happens. If you were fired avoid connecting that job to a future employer. Make sure you share your story on why you left a job. Have prepared answers. You are going to want to be political and not say that the boss was a jerk so I had to get the hell out of that place. Unfortunately, some jobs start off good and then it turns into a sour lemon. Sometimes it is coworker issues, they double your work and don’t increase your pay, you are sick of the job tasks, you don’t like the managers, or you got a job to make some money but it was never a job you truly wanted in the first place. It just came along. The last reason is why you want to spend great effort searching for a job you want. Most people kind of drift into a job.

Determine the Job You Want

Have specific job titles in mind for the job you want. You can also write a description matching your ideal job. Make a list of must haves for the job, would be good to have, and what a job must not have. Review and polish your online presence. You may want to keep your social media profiles private while job searching except LinkedIn.

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