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Job Hunting: Focus OR ELSE

The job market is flatter than a pancake in some sectors and there is no time to be wasted while others forge ahead and jockey for position, any position in this economy…. YOUR position. It is better to know this “chilling”unemployment reality and face it head on with strategy and focus. You still must live your life, but you also need to invest by putting your best foot forward each minute. You need to stay in top physical shape and you need to mentally condition yourself for the journey towards employment.

You must be sure that the ACTIONS of your daily life meet the objectives of your goal of employment and this takes FOCUS. The real winners in this game know that staying focused includes living a“well-rounded” life. By being well-rounded you maintain your friends, family, health, hobbies, community, and you increase your chances of becoming a familiar fixture that is passively networking each and every day (since you are putting your best foot forward, right?) You are on automatic pilot with activities focused on moving your career forward each and every day instead of the horrible alternative…. stagnation.

Operating as a professional ANYWHERE is easy today. Set up your office at any location with a computer and a space for your records or utilize the public library and your cell phone. You can stay extremely productive with very few resources.

Ignite your job hunting burners with both professional groups, social media, and help like headhunters and temporary agencies in your profession, state job hunting centers, Careerbuilder, Linkedin, your “self-created” business Facebook page, Craigslist, meetings with the community leaders and fancy footwork in the community locating “help wanted” signs. Keep a list of former employer’s names, addresses, phone numbers, and supervisor’s names for those online applications and create a spreadsheet to keep track of your efforts.

Adhere to a daily routine like you were in the office with a Monday thru Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. schedule geared towards job hunting. This includes conducting research on companies of interest, marketing yourself to temporary and employment agencies, contacting your alumni’s placement office, creating and revising resumes, networking with friends, joining professional organizations, going on interviews, and writing thank you letters for interviews. Lunch is also on the schedule, perhaps a long lunch. Create a schedule for yourself and you will find the days fly by and yield results. In fact, the more “rejection” letters you receive the closer you are towards your goal as job hunting is a numbers game.

You have launched your employment voyage with a phenomenal start. Meanwhile, keep your running shoes, bike, tennis racquet, and golf clubs handy by the door and when you need to refresh you can focus on your health, family, social life, and community all while networking. There is no time left to worry because you are FOCUSED. The payoff is near! The alternative life is bounced checks, unpaid bills, ruined credit, depression, sleepless nights, weight gain, and a downward spiral that gains supersonic momentum. Steer the unemployment ship around by utilizing the income power of your savings, unemployment check, public assistance, or family help and FOCUS or else!!

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