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Personal Branding is Real, Not a Social-Media Experiment

Personal branding is about packaging various aspects of one’s character and qualifications in a manner that sells the individual and it is also valuable to have a professional resume. It is about marketing the talents, skills, and expertise that you possess in order to increase the appeal to potential employers or to market a business. It is designed to make you stand out from other people with a similar set of qualifications and therefore holds the promise of better career prospects.

The current rate of unemployment has led to a remarkable surge in personal branding trends as job hunters seek to improve their image portrayed to potential recruiters. This is because every job hunter wishes to set themselves apart from other applicants for a single job in a bid to increase their chances of success.

Social media networks are the most popular platforms on which people exercise this promotional tactic. Since the explosion of this trend many people are using this opportunity to interact with others on a global scale and craft the desired persona in order to promote themselves, but there are various opinions about personal branding. Some critics claim that it is a social-media experiment that will fade away and they question the reliability of it.
The truth is that time has already proven its worth and there is evidence to back up this assertion. The fact that branding has been used in businesses with great success is one fact that no one can take for granted. For instance, in cases where different merchants trade in the exact same product, the packaging has always made a great impact on customer choice. Applying the same concept to the individual is therefore only logical.

Additionally, branding someone’s name for a business has been in existence for centuries and people have achieved great success. This would not have been possible if the practice was simply an experiment. The fact is that it has stood the test of time. The new personal branding method keeps improving each passing day and it is real and here to stay.

Just like in any other field, applying the right tactics here is the only way to enjoy the benefits. It is imperative to create a strong and highly consistent brand that says exactly what you are and what you are not. One needs to establish an image of expertise in a given field and gradually build a reputation in a manner that increases their perceived market value.

Some employers are, however, wary of judging the information they get about a “brand” at face value. This is because it is highly open to manipulation and may at times be deceptive. In order to avoid this, you have to include marketing your persona on well known, reliable social network forums and maintain honesty and straightforwardness in the approach you use in order to enjoy lasting success.

With personal branding, the aim is no longer on self-improvement but rather on packaging the features that are already there in the most alluring fashion. It is certainly not an experiment but rather the best opportunity for one to make the impression they have always desired.

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