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5 Things to Take Away from a Bad Job Interview

You walk out of the meeting room and you have that sunk feeling that most of us experience at one time or another- the interview didn’t go well. You may have been in the intricate process of job hunting and doors may or may not be opening up for you. The economy is extremely tough, the demand for positions is high, and unemployment rates nationwide are sky high. So how do you stay positive even if the interview that you finally landed doesn’t go exactly as planned?

1- Remember: You Did Your Best. You brought references, you wore your Sunday’s best and you smiled the whole time, even while you were answering questions… but you didn’t get a second opportunity to prove yourself or get the job offer? This interview could be a time machine. Hop in, rewind, and look back on what went well and what didn’t. Maybe you were overqualified for the spot and the company couldn’t afford you? Did you dot all of your I’s and cross all of your T’s literally and figuratively? Don’t let the feelings of rejection keep you down. You’ll get up again. This was a learning experience and stair step towards the job of your dreams…
2- It’s Not Over Until the Fat Lady Sings. Your palms were sweaty when you shook the manager’s hand, it was a surprise group interview, or you arrived two minutes too late… it isn’t over until you are over it. It’s a little thing that I like to call, “follow-up” people. One basic must-have skill when changing careers. Redeem yourself! Apologize. Send a thank you note! Call a week later and ask more questions. Show that you’re interested. Again, people don’t care what you know until they know that you care.
3- Hey, You Were Good Enough to Land the Interview. Remind yourself of what got you there in the first place. Did you build a good rapport with the owner? Were you referred by a friend? Did you research the business before calling or sending in a cover letter? Something that you did initially worked! Figure it out and use it for next time. Take notes.
4- Killer Confidence. Lets face it, it may have been a while since you’ve had to work or impress someone. Hopefully, your damage is not beyond repair. It can happen when you’ve recently been laid off or fired. Perhaps you recently graduated from college and you’re a first timer. Perhaps you are a professional job hunter! It’s time to regain focus, collect yourself, and appear confident but not cocky. Leave your ego at the door!
5- Thank Your Lucky Stars. Some people may walk out of that suite and say to themselves, “Well, that guy was an idiot”, or, “I am sure she doesn’t even know what she’s talking about”, but chances are that the hiring manager got that position of entitlement for a reason. This could have been a job where personality traits could clash with the rest of the office and the manager is looking for that culture fit. Maybe they are threatened by you. Maybe there are equally qualified candidates for the position and you were unfortunate in not being selected. Either way, it wasn’t meant to be. So lets move on to bigger and better things…

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