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3 Job Hunting Facts Most People Wish They Knew

In my career as a resume writer, I have been privileged to interact with many successful professionals. More often than not, we always talk about their job search journey and the tips that worked for them. Amongst many answers, there’s a common thread that resonates across the board and almost every person will do things differently if only they could turn back the hands of time

Well, they can’t, but you can learn from their experiences and use the following tips to successfully search for jobs and get hired within the shortest possible time.

The top three strategies to successfully search for the right job
1. List out your ideal roles
There’s a consensus that many job seekers live by, and this is applying for every opening advertised. It is particularly common with people with transferable skill sets that cut across different fields. Well, the disadvantage is that it will distort your professional profile and make it difficult for employers to categorize you. In the end, they’ll most likely opt for someone whose resume and LinkedIn profile shows a certain level of proficiency in the required fields. Your many skills will come in handy for your dream job, but you have to stand out first as an expert to be able to get in, so list out the roles that will add up in the end and determine not to settle for just anything.

2. Build a great online profile
Hiring executives have fully embraced social media as a tool in scouting for and poaching top talents. It will increase your chances of landing a job by strengthening your online presence. Recent research has shown that recruiters use social media platforms to recruit and screen candidates. This can go two ways. The first is to have a detailed LinkedIn presence with a great headshot, complete profile, and insightful headline that tells recruiters at a glance that you’re worthy of consideration. The other is to keep away from social media the part of your life that you’ll rather stay private. That said, experts recommend that you increase visibility on professional sites by sharing and commenting on relevant articles. It will not only keep you informed but also keep you in the minds of the people that matter in your field.

3. Connect with people
You’ll not stay job hunting forever. At some point, you’ll face the reality that a lot of openings are filled via referral and as such, it is always good to know someone on the inside. It is however easier to ask your colleague or friend for help if you speak with them once in a while than to ask after being out of touch for many years. You need to be able to network with people if you intend to leverage on relationships to get your dream job now and in the future. From checking in via text or mail to having physical meetings, be sure you have a network you can rely on.

Take a cue from these lessons and rethink your job-hunting process. List out your ideal job roles to start with, build an online profile to match, and then step out of your comfort zone so you can interact with people more often. Your next job may be a text away.

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