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5 Job Hunting Tips to Get Your Dream Job

1. Apply confidently
You may not be qualified for all the openings that will come your way. Know that you don’t have anything to lose if you give it a shot, so apply confidently. Some employers are open to hiring not-so-qualified individuals, as long as they show potential and an aptitude for quick learning on the job. If you think you can succeed in a role without having all the desired qualifications, state how your goals fit with the company’s vision and how your experience and ability to learn new skills will make you the best fit for the role.

2. Prepare for interviews
Prepare for interviews ahead by highlighting skills, experiences, and accomplishments you have that will make you a good fit for the role being applied for. Tell these around stories rather than facts as people will relate more with examples rather than theoretical lists. Research common interview questions and practice your responses with the STAR method—situation, task, action, and result. It is a great way to tell your story beautifully. Practice with a friend or professional so you can be well prepared to pass your interview.

3. Follow up
Be sure to follow up by sending a thank you note to the hiring manager afterward. This should be short and concise. You can proceed to send a mail or call if you do not hear from them after a week. Your subsequent communication with the hiring manager should be positive and show your optimism about being a part of the company. While waiting for feedback, keep applying for other job opportunities.

4. Network, network, and network
You may be one connection away from your dream job and one way to bridge that gap is to network with others, online and physically. Interact with people and develop professional contacts both online and in person. Attend social events and start conversations. Let them know you are job hunting. While they may not give you the job, they can link you up with the right connections you need to make it happen or recommend you to opportunities in the future. See every networking opportunity as an interview if you are networking for a job only, albeit informal, be yourself, and natural and put your best foot forward.

5. Excel where you are
There’s no better place for you to build capacity for your dream job than where you are right now. Do your best at your current job with enthusiasm and dedication. Have a good working relationship with your subordinates, colleagues, and bosses. If you’re just starting in your career, you can get take advantage of internship or volunteering opportunities to gain experience while still applying for jobs. A positive attitude to work will give you an edge for recommendations and future opportunities. You should also use this time to acquire relevant skills through online courses, workshops, webinars, and professional certifications.

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