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Job Interview Tips to Avoid a Disaster Interview

Here are job interview tips in order to prepare for an interview. Do a quick self-evaluation and reflect on how you can improve to avoid blowing the interview on small details.

Ensure that you turn off your cellphone
Avoid any distractions during the interview. Even in vibration mode, people can still hear your cell phone in a silent room. The best option is to switch it off completely.

Look your interviewer in the eye and smile
Body language is an essential aspect of job interviewing. One of the best ways to establish a connection and communicate with people is with eye contact. Even communication experts suggest that 80% of our communication is non-verbal.

Firm handshake
Although it seems ridiculous to judge people based on a handshake, it is the reality. You just need to be careful so that your handshake is not too firm, take it easy.

Let the interviewer run the show
Sometimes when there are some moments of silence in your interview, do not feel the urge to keep things going because you can get caught rambling. Therefore, always let the interviewer take the lead and set the pace.

Sit confidently
Recruiters can testify to the number of times interviewers have declined good candidates because they are too laid back. Leaning slightly forward and sitting up straight tells the interviewer that you are interested in what they are saying and have a lot of energy, hence, ready to work.

Take notes during the interview
Bring along a professional-looking binder to the interview to jot things down. That communicates that you have a substantial interest in whatever the interviewers have to say. Besides, it also gives you a chance to write down questions to ask at the right moment.

Pursue the job, even with a bad interview
Even with abysmal interview experiences, always ensure that you finish what you have started to the best of your capability. Do not prejudge too early, you might live to regret it. As a rule of thumb, wait till you gather all necessary facts before finally judging the company because employee reviews you read online may depend various factors like a supervisor a person worked under or other factors.

Your interview is not over till you leave the interview premises
Some hiring managers watch interviewees from their office windows as they leave the building. Most candidates can do inappropriate things like lighting up a cigarette. So, always stay in a professional mode.

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