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How to Stand Out in a Virtual Interview

Many companies offer to work virtual. Everything is now done from the comfort of your home. Some companies do job interviews virtually. Many companies today organize zoom meetings to communicate with various applicants.

Perform extensive research on the company you applied for, knowing what they do, what their day-to-day activities look, and the organization’s goals and vision.

The next step is to ensure that you make it to the scheduled meeting on time. It is often advisable to be available online 15 minutes before the start of the meeting to ensure that there is no delay or technical issues. The internet worked fined the whole month but just before the interview there is Murphy’s law staring at you.

Having a strong and reliable internet connection is also important as you don’t want to have a meeting where the video is not clear enough or the voice is not loud enough. This might cost you the job. Therefore, it is important to test the network connectivity to ensure that there are no hitches during the zoom meeting.

The next step is to ensure that you have a good camera that captures your face well. Also, during the meeting it is important to make sure you are attentive by some little head and hand movement to show that you are fully engaged and involved in the call.

Ensure that you have a presentable space in which you will stay for the interview. For example, the room has to be well lighted to make your face more visible to the interviewer. The room has to be well arranged and things like books should be appropriately placed on the shelf to make the place more orderly and presentable. Don’t have your laundry scattered all over the place, your pot pipe laying on the table, and your 28 cats, 7 dogs, crying children, and python snakes in view and being heard on the camera.

Another important step is to ensure to practice interviewing with a close friend or relative or at least do it in front of a mirror. Practicing well will enable you to master the words used during the interview and the different sitting postures. You must also ensure to dress professionally. No wife beater shirts, baseball caps, or sun shades unless you want to blow the interview to stay on unemployment.

Make sure to have confidence but don’t be cocky. You have to give the interviewer that impression that you are willing and capable of being able to handle the responsibilities that come with the job.



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