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Sink or Swim? Career Advice to Help You Excel

Career advice can be very beneficial and don’t view advice from others as negative criticism but as ways you can improve yourself. Sometimes in a workplace we adapt to survive and we cut off being ourself to deal with others and the work environment. If you are people person and looking a computer all day and the office wants quiet and working something has to give or be suppressed. If you are an artist and like to paint when you grow up something has to give in order to pay bills and deal with the flurry of responsibilities that come your way that you never dreamed about in high school. So it is matter of counterbalancing to try and do what you love as a career or hobby while meeting responsibilities. Many people fall of the cliff and live in quiet desperation. Here are some factors to consider in working in achieving career growth.

1. The type of partner you have influences your decisions.
If your spouse is supportive and caring, you get the strength to face many obstacles, and even when you make a mistake, you know you have someone to lean on and push you back up. Or it could be the opposite. It could be like the War of the Roses at home and energy draining.

2. Connections and networking are an important part in moving higher in your career paths.
It involves attending specific events and linking up with someone you admire like a role model. However, networking goes beyond all of these. It is also helpful if you met people on the same career path as you. You get to learn from them and help each other in the future.

3. Work hard at all times.
When setbacks happen, accept and get back on your feet. Learn to take criticism and correct your errors. Be with people you admire. Entertain new ideas and always be open to trying something unique outside of your comfort zone.

4. You can’t do everything alone.
No man is an island of knowledge. Attend training and seminars. Ask questions. Do not assume you know it all. Attend learning programs. It’s amazing that no matter how much you read you can pick up a book or listen to a video and learn something and be like, how could I have been so stupid.

5. Trust your instincts.
You have to make sure you listen to that voice in your head at all times. It will guide you. Evaluate the information.

6. The most important thing that would make you grow in your career is love and passion.
Even though that might not be the job you want, what you studied, or something you have the zeal for like your hobby, you have to put in your best effort. It might not be the job you wanted initially, but it might be the job that will change your life. You never know who you can meet at any given time that will impact your life. Your career is a marathon, not a race. You can’t succeed overnight. Develop the skills you need. Keep learning and keep growing.

7. Be bold, daring, and courageous.
You can also share stories about your new experiences, setbacks, and success stories. These stories add to your life journey. Be passionate. Have an impact on other people and encourage them to fulfill their dreams. In all, do what you love.

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