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Six Approaches to Stay Motivated as a Freelancer

Regardless of what perspective you have about or what approach you have towards it, freelancing is a tricky and challenging endeavor. Being employed in the freelance labor market as an editor, graphic designer, digital marketer, or other industries where gigs are recurring may be demanding quite often. And most times, these conditions make staying motivated a challenging task.

Ensuring your clients’ happiness, excellent communication skills, and top-quality delivery are all some of the vital parts of being a happy and successful freelancer. But, without motivation, these factors could be lacking.

Relative to freelancing, this article contains six practical approaches to keep you motivated and subsequently improve your productivity and increase your client base.

1. Create a routine
As a freelancer, your plan may differ every day. However, having constant practice may add stability to your growing career. Having a structure in your daily activities by merely waking early to walk the dog, work out, get your mails, will make a considerable difference all through your day. Furthermore, set aside time for yourself and strive not to reply to emails after 7 pm bar emergencies.

2. Find your clients creatively
Getting new clients may be demanding. But when realizing that anyone is a prospect or can refer you to someone more opportunities open up. Leverage networking to build a solid client base. Also, always have your business cards ready and whenever you obtain contact information, follow up so they can keep you in mind. Besides, leverage social media channels to find clients. Search for keywords on channels like Facebook and Twitter to access information. Engage prospects and share some of your projects.

3. Utilize various working habits
While some of us can casually adopt a working habit, it is vital to learn flexibility, receive constructive criticism, and mix things up. Being exposed to various work habits offers you different ideas and experiences that will help you find out what works best for you.

4. Work with flexibility and give yourself a break
The ability to adapt to any situation fast is an incredible skill set to possess, especially as a freelancer. Although contracted gigs may be stressful, remember to give yourself a break to breathe. Rigidity shouldn’t be an option, so adjust your expectations, and usually, the clients also respond appropriately. All work and no fun zaps you out of energy. Receiving positive energy is needed but also discharging negative energy is needed like going for a walk, laying in the sun, etc. You may not be aware of what you are doing but do you notice how you feel better when you do certain things and negative energy is discharged?

5. Set aside time to reflect and set goals
Although every freelancer’s priority should be keeping up with the tasks at hand, set aside a few minutes to go through your upcoming projects. Monitor those projects coming down the pipeline and set your goals accordingly. Furthermore, ensure that those goals are manageable for the tasks you need to complete. And lastly, create long-term goals that will keep you focused and unleash your creativity.

6. Connect with other freelancers
Speak with people who know the struggles you experience. There are several groups online or offline of freelancers you can join to keep in touch. That helps you create a mutually beneficial work relationship, friendship, and, subsequently, motivation.


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