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Hire a Professional Resume Writer and Avoid the Job Search Black Hole

Is it time to hire a resume expert?

You may be wondering why you should spend money to hire a professional resume writer. I mean, you are already spending a lot on transportation, networking, interview attires, and other job hunting-related expenses. Why spend more?

In case you have not noticed, job hunting is an expensive endeavor. You may not wish to spend more money on securing the next job, particularly if you have no income. You need to spend more by hiring a professional resume writer if you have been trying to land a job for a while without success. Consider it an investment.

When you hire a professional resume writer, you are hiring someone with the expertise to help you showcase your career story to those that matter. That professional knows how to construct and design the needed information such that it will not only attract the attention of recruiters but will not be filtered out by the electronic filters, aka applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Let’s look at 5 telltale signs that it is time to hire a professional resume writer and the wisdom behind such investment.

Your resume always ends up in the job-search black hole
Some applicants never get invited for interviews despite their best efforts. If you are in this group, then maybe your resume ends up lost in the job search black hole so employers never call you back for interviews.

Resumes usually pass through the applicant tracking system (ATS) software program as a step one selection process. Thereafter, the application can then go through the hiring manager. Hence, a poorly formatted resume that is not optimized for the required keywords may not see the light of day. This is why you need the services of a professional resume writer who can assist you in crafting a resume that will get past the black hole and onto the top of the hiring manager’s list.

You are not a gifted writer
You may be a genius with numbers or recipes but when it comes to words, you just can’t get it right. All of us cannot be gifted writers, so when you need to tell recruiters what you can do and promote your achievements convincingly, you need a professional. They know the best way to advertise your skills attractively to prospective employers.

Hiring a professional will leave you with enough time and energy to focus on honing your marketable expertise. And the professional writer will focus on transforming those skills into enticing words on your resume.

You are too shy to brag
For your resume to persuasively sell you to recruiters, it has to go beyond outlining your work experience and qualifications. It must adequately portray your achievements as well as your skills and how you have used them to make an impact.

You may be too shy to brag loudly about your accomplishments and expertise, but your professional resume writer will not have such qualms. Employ a professional resume writer who can find the right words to aptly illustrate the value you can bring to a prospective manager.

Bumpy work history
Do you have a bumpy work history? Is your work history interspersed by unexplained gaps? Did you work in a couple of unrelated fields? Or perhaps you want to change your career path and are confused as to how to align your transferable skills to what is needed in the new field? Seek the assistance of a resume writer to smoothen that bumpy work history. Granted, you cannot undo the past, but you can leverage the expertise of a professional to create a smooth flowing resume that recruiters will love. The professional resume writer can craft the resume such that your strengths are amplified while your shortcomings are diminished.

Confused about what your resume should contain
A lot of factors come into play when writing a professional resume, lots of decisions to be made. For instance, what are the most important factors that hiring managers want to know? Should I start my employment history from a decade ago, two decades ago, or five years? How do I feel in the gaps in the missing years when I wasn’t working? Do I need to include volunteer jobs or not? Making the right decisions can be daunting and confusing. To avoid making the wrong decisions, consider hiring a professional. The resume writer is skilled in deciphering what hiring managers desire most and the best route to take in showcasing that essential message.

The truth is that some people can succeed in their job search without the assistance of a professional resume writer but it is better not to leave things to chance and use a resume expert after all the work, education, time, and energy you put into finding and having a job to survive and thrive. Consider hiring an expert to help you create a powerful resume that will put you ahead of the competition. It is a wise investment that can promptly shorten your job searching period and land you that mouth-watering job you desire sooner than later.


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