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How to Reverse the Course When a Bad Boss Makes Work Life Unbearable

The default reaction when working for a bad boss is to think oh, I need to get a new job ASAP, I have to get this boss fired, this boss is messing up my life, or my boss will fire me any moment now. Do you know there are ways you can change that boss-employer relationship and make it work to your advantage while still keeping your job?

First, why is your boss bad?
Many of us have had the misfortune of working for a bad boss. You know, those types of bosses that you can never please no matter how hard you try. It may seem like their sole mission is to make your life miserable. They tend to micromanage whatever you do.

Granted, we need that experienced eye to oversee things, but that big brother role shouldn’t make one’s life wretched to the point of depression.

The second prominent reason a boss can be considered bad is the second-guessing attitude. Having a boss that questions your every decision and action gives off a bad vibe. Such negative vibes can stifle creativity and growth, especially when the bosses always make the workers explain every action and justify every move.

The underlying issue with a bad boss
Have you ever wondered why your boss is prone to micromanaging and second-guessing you and the rest of the staff? These traits are all symptoms of a prominent underlying issue. Your boss is probably suffering from a lack of trust. Low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence can be at the root of that absence of trust in your boss.

Make the best of your boss’s lack of trust with these tips
We already know that most of the problems with the bosses stem from the absence of trust. Therefore, to make the best of that situation and turn it into an advantage, we need to address that trust issue in the workplace.

I know you may be thinking that it would be a difficult undertaking. It may not be that difficult, you only need to overcome the uncomfortable strategy it requires.

How you can build trust with your boss?
Naturally, there are certain things that employees will do that can quickly boost the boss’ trust in them. It doesn’t matter whether he is a micromanager or not.

I have learned from my experience in various management roles that, you can gain the boss’s confidence faster through positive criticism.                 

How can you achieve that? By sharing hard feedback with your  boss. 
If you can properly share hard feedback with your boss, you can build his/her trust in you. You may think it will backfire and get you fired, but, trust me, it won’t if done right. Let’s look at it critically, shall we?

Often, employees are scared of communicating with their bosses. They don’t want to be reprimanded or they are afraid of retribution. Since the communication link is non-existent or broken, most bosses will live in fear of the unknown. They will believe that the staff talks about them behind their backs, thus their attitude.

However, the reverse will be the case if employees can approach the bosses privately to air their opinions or grievances. That way, you can create a stronger communication bond and build trust.

It takes courage to do this and once your boss realizes this, they can trust you to the point of appointing you to be their eyes and ears in the workplace.

Nonetheless, this does not mean that you should be carrying tales about your colleagues to the boss. Rather, you’d be putting yourself on the line for your colleagues.

It will be more fruitful and effective if employees can sit down with their bosses in an open and frank manner to discuss workplace issues as it affects them. This will not only help mend the communication link, but it will also boost trust.

Increased communication is an effective way to build trust.
It is natural to find employees staying far away from their bosses especially when the boss is overbearing. Such bosses instill fear and discontentment in workers thereby endangering the growth of the establishment.

Therefore, to turn the tables around and deal positively with a bad boss, you need to make every effort at enhancing communication and creating a stronger path towards more trust and growth.

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